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Hikes for experts

Feedback and more information for Hikers

According to a survey conducted by the FFRP and “Tourisme64” the Aspe Valley hosts 30,000 faithful walkers.  This does not mean it is overcrowded... there is plenty of space!

  • 92% gave a positive response to the good condition of the trails and maintenance (see caminaspe)
  • 80% gave a positive response to the safety of the trails

From 200 to 1,500 meters in a day for the most experienced hikers

Labigouer peak, Anie peak, Red peak Pétragème peak and mountain lakes

Various scenic hikes from 400 to 2,500 meters of altitude

Some hiking ideas

Geocaching (Treasure hunting with GPS)

Discover the treasures at Ansabère, “La Mature”, Iseye and become members of the great community of geocachers… You can ask for the coordinates of the treasures or choose the all inclusive holiday

Anie peak

Download the Anie peak itinerary.

Lescun sector, 7.8 km, uneven 1000m, lasted 3:50 outward journey.

Download GPS file - Anie peak

The pass d'Isèye


Order the guidebook “45 hikes in the Aspe Valley” at €9 + P&P