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Gastronomy of the Aspe Valley

Here.. we really do make cheese!

The flagship of the local cuisine produced here is cheese. This is perhaps the most famous indeed the most noble product that comes from this region.

You won’t often find it melted or cooked because it’s just too good as it is! However some restaurants can be creative and will offer some surprises!

Let us not forget that the Aspe Valley is in South-West France where good eating has always been a tradition. From the Garbure (a substantial soup with local vegetables, haricot beans and perhaps some duck or pork), of “Chez Paulette” to the trout with mushrooms at “Chez Michel” or “Des Voyageurs”. From a grilled mutton at the “Pimparela” to a goat’s cheese salad on the terrace of the “Permayou”.

Don’t forget the creations of the “Auberge de Sarrance” and the “Château d'Arance” or even a dinner around the fireplace at “Chez Lamothe” or at the “Cavaliers’ Auberge”

DO NOT MISS: The European Days of Gastronomy in September at Oloron Sainte-Marie and also there is Lindt . . . the chocolate factory outlet.

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This trip allows you not only to enjoy some easy walks in this wonderful natural landscape but also to savour the excellent local cuisine. More information