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Ecomusée de la Vallée d’Aspe à Lourdios Ichère par Region_Aquitaine

Eco-museums of the Aspe Valley

There are 4 museums to visit with the family so that you can really understand and learn to love the history of the Aspe Valley. At Sarrance and Lourdios-Ichère you will be welcomed by local storytellers.

Lourdios “A village tells its’ story"

A friendly exhibition brings together family photos, artefacts and memoirs reconstructed by  Jean Barthou. You can see a slideshow and a video with songs and lyrics of shepherds working in rhythm with the seasons.
Admission: Adults € 2.50 Children 2 € (under 10s free)

Sarrance "Our Lady of the Rock"

A legend told for centuries that has been the source of a pilgrimage since the middle ages.  An original video will help you learn more about the pilgrimage and the legend as told by Marcel Amont. You will discover all about the omnipresence of stone and water in the Aspe Valley and the history of Sarrance village.

Accous "The Cheese Farmer"

A video tells the story of cheese making.  There is an opportunity to taste and buy cheese in the shop. Open daily from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 19:00. Free entrance

Borce "A stop on the Saint James Way"

Discover the rhythm of polyphonic songs of the twelfth century, the origin of the pilgrimage, that motivated pilgrims, and their travelling conditions. The old bell cast, the fresco, the graffiti written by Napoleon’s troops, all these things help you to retrace the history of this pilgrims’ resting place.

Website : www.ecomusee.vallee-aspe.com